Thursday, January 5, 2012

The LoadDown - 01/05/2012

It's a New Year, and there are new games on the wire...

WiiWare -- One new game: Zombii Attack, which adopts novel spelling for this E10+ rated slingshot shooter.  It's not an FPS, but more of a shooting-gallery approach akin to Crossbow or Chiller, with realistic physics but dated, simplistic graphics.

DSiWare --Two new titles for the DSi and 3DS:  Quick Fill Q is a cute Japanese puzzle/strategy game in which the rolling title character (Q) is constantly threatened by oddly shaped holes in the ground; the player must carve matching stoppers on the lower screen to plug the holes.  3 Heroes - Crystal Soul is an RPG/puzzle game that plays like a hybrid of Puzzle Quest and Hexic.

3DS eShop -- Two new titles for the 3DS, including a game and a... non-game.  The game is Samurai Sword Destiny, a scrolling beat-'em-up set in feudal Japan, with a female lead and T-rated blood and violence.  The other new entry is Swapnote, a social note-passing tool that allows users to send each other personalized, decorated 3D notes and drawings -- though how exactly a "3D note" works is unclear.

XBox Live Arcade -- Just one new title this week, EA Sports' latest incarnation of NFL Blitz, also out on PS3.

PS3 on PSN -- Two new games this week: NFL Blitz recreates the Midway arcade game of the 1990s, which was never quite as popular as NBA Jam but seems to have found a solid home under EA Sports' ownership following Midway's dissolution.  TNT Racers is a multiplayer racing game, coming to PS3 after what must have been a successful release on WiiWare.

PSOne Classics -- A quiet week here, but I doubt it's down for the count, unlike, say, the Wii Virtual Console and Microsoft Game Room.

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