Thursday, December 1, 2011

The LoadDown -- 12/01/2011

More downloadable games continue to hit the wire, with some decent online pricing specials in certain venues, even as the holiday shopping season favors physical media that can be gift-wrapped and/or stocking-stuffed.  To wit:

WiiWare -- One new seasonal title: Xmas Puzzle, a series of progressively more difficult jigsaw picture puzzles.  Most of the images are fairly secular in nature -- there are some Wise Men on camelback, but it's mostly Santa and festively generic holiday animals, and no sign of "X," though for some reason we get one image of a rabbit surrounded by apples, carrots and mistletoe.

DSiWare -- Two new games here.  The House M.D. series of medical mystery puzzles, based on the popular TV series -- must be doing well on the DSi, as it's now up to episode 5: Under The Big Top, concerning a middle-aged circus manager strangled by a horse.  DSi/3DS gamers also get to consider Double Bloob, a rather simplistic vertical shooter that would be twice as interesting with half as many Ls in the title. 

3DS eShop -- Another Game Boy classic arrives in emulated, original 2-D black-and-white form -- Hudson Soft's Adventure Island, a slimmed-down version of the 8-bit NES classic.

XBox Live Arcade --  Two new games, plus one I missed last week.  Thanksgiving Day family gamers could sample Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: Special Edition, and this week we get trivia game Scene It? Movie Night, along with the decidedly retro-flavored action game Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

PS3 on PSN -- See above -- Scene It? Movie Night and Voltron: Defender of the Universe are also freshly available on PSN.

PSOne Classics -- Another big name, though this fighting game port suffered quite a bit in translation from the arcade to the PSX -- Capcom's Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors.


  1. Cool Blog ! Glad I stumbled across it as I will enjoy reading it when I can. Turned 40 myself last May and still game daily via PS3, PC and a Japanese MVS cabinet.

    Started with a Ricochet console [ still own it ] moved to an Odtssey2 and a C64.. The 80's kicked so much ass ! Back when EA & Lucas Arts were God like and Infocom text RPG's ruled over all others.

    Once in a while the opening line of Impossible Mission haunts my brain for a few days ;-) "Oh another Visitor.. Stay a While.. STAY FOREVER ! "

  2. Welcome! Glad to know there are still a few of us out there gaming -- thanks for commenting.