Thursday, November 3, 2011

The LoadDown - 11/03/2011

Another week, another new wave of downloadable console games...

WiiWare -- One new game this week, which sounds like a bizarre mismatch of name and concept: Gnomz.  It's an E-rated... fighting game... with "25 action-packed arenas"... involving gnomes, flying elephants, rainbows, and glowing reindeer.   All that's missing is ponies and Jesus!

Wii Virtual Console -- Once again, nothing here.  Going twice...

DSiWare -- Two games this week: The episodic House M.D. series makes it to Episode 4: Crashed, with another T-rated medical mystery for Hugh Laurie's skeptical Holmesian doctor and team to solve.  Also, 1950s Lawn Mower Kids, which follows up one of the freshest titles I've heard recently with a stylus-driven game concept about careful lawn mowing in the McCarthy era.

3DS eShop -- The DSiWare games are also available here, of course, along with Balloon Kid, another vintage Game Boy title featuring 8-levels of airborne balloon-based action as Alice floats through the sky in search of her younger brother Jim.

XBox Live Arcade -- Just one new game this week: Burgertime World Tour, yet another new variation of Data East's classic burger-building arcade game.

PS3 on PSN -- Three new titles up for download.  Max & The Magic Marker: Gold Edition brings the semi-successful multi-platform action/drawing platform game to the PS3.  Pinballistik is an attractive-looking pinball game.  Hydrophobia Prophecy is a first-person adventure with dynamic water elements -- it's unusual in that it's the latest iteration of the original game Hydrophobia, which received mixed reviews on release and has been continually updated; this edition contains a lot of new and reworked content compared to the 2010 release.

PSOne Classics -- Another quiet week here.

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