Thursday, September 8, 2011

The LoadDown - 09/08/2011

Downloadable activity seems to be picking up a bit as everyone goes back to school.  Nintendo's weekly press release was late today, or else my browser cache was acting up.  At any rate, all the news seems to be in now...

WiiWare -- One new title and one demo.  The new item is Paint Splash, a creativity tool that allows one to four painters to splash paint around at the same time and save the results to the SD card.  There's also a demo for Liight, the music/color/puzzle game released in March.

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing here this week.

DSiWare -- Two new games: Puzzle Rocks, a dual-screen game with shape-matching and color-matching in tandem, and DotMan, replicating the classic Atari Dodge 'Em gameplay (or more obscurely, the TRS-80's Tunnels of Fahad.)  DotMan is rated E10+ for suggestive themes, not so much due to the anime babe on the title screen as to the use of a spotlight to highlight certain of her features.

Nintendo 3DS eShop -- The above DSiWare games are also available on the 3DS, along with the vintage Game Boy Golf.

XBox Live Arcade -- Four new games are on tap this week.  Bloodrayne: Betrayal and SkyDrift appear here as well (see PS3 details below), Crimson Alliance is an action-RPG (with an odd per-character-class pricing structure), and Konami's Leedmees borrows a core concept from the classic Lemmings for a novel Kinect experience.  I'm glad to see more XBLA support for Kinect -- the novelty of the camera-based controller isn't always able to justify big-budget experiences, but downloadable games may work out pretty well.

PS3 on PSN -- Two new games arrived this week.  Bloodrayne: Betrayal is a new 2-D animated side-scrolling slasher that looks to be more fun than the bigger-budget 3D Bloodrayne games.  SkyDrift is a stunt-plane racing game with nice graphics.

PSOne Classics -- Hey, I missed a couple of good ones!  This platform isn't down for the count yet.  Capcom released the RPG Breath of Fire IV on August 16th, and Square-Enix put Parasite Eve II out August 23rd.

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