Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Capacity Overload

Real-life schedule crunches are overtaking me at the moment, and you may see some spotty updates here for a few weeks.  So as a quick post for today, I thought I'd just make a brief log of what I'm doing at the moment, gaming-wise.  None of this may be of general interest -- this is sort of a SAVE GAME on my part, so I can remember what I'm supposedly focusing on when I have time to do so!

-- Playing Batman: Arkham Asylum (finally!) on the PC, in short bursts.  Also working on Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter.  I'll have something to write about both of these after I finish them.

-- Working through Pendulo Studios' Runaway: A Road Adventure with my wife, as an eventual Adventure of the Week.

-- Preparing to start a new cover-to-cover series based on a 1981 product catalog.  Scanning is done, so I should be able to get these posts together without too much trouble.

-- Trying to decide on my next vintage adventure game to tackle, driven largely by how much time I have to finish it and write about it before next Tuesday.  I plan to keep the AotW series rolling, even if I have to take some breaks from other topics for a while.

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