Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are You Hot Enough To Play With Journey?

When Data Age anted up a little licensing cash for the rights to create the Atari 2600 game Journey Escape, it apparently included a photo opportunity with the popular 1980s band featured in the game for use in this full-color, two-page magazine ad spread (click to enlarge):

I like that none of the band's members could be convinced to be seen holding or playing the game, although it's possible that this was an existing shot borrowed for the ad, or that the game didn't exist in any visible form when the photo was taken.  I also like the blank, vaguely positive looks sported by most of the band, with a "seriously, are they kidding?" take from the guy on the right.

Beyond the game's licensed trappings, including the Scarab ship seen on the Escape album cover and treated here as the band's "escape vehicle", the ad copy does its best to tie the game into the band's pop hits, even implying that the lyric "Some will win, some will lose" refers to this game.

Unfortunately, according to the rumors page in an old issue of Electronic Fun magazine, Data Age went under still owing Journey over a million dollars in royalty payments.

Some are born to sing the blues.

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