Monday, May 23, 2011

The LoadDown - 05/23/2011

Monday morning cord-in-back... unless you're on Wi-Fi, as most people seem to be, so that joke is already way out of date... and there's not a lot going on this week.  Maybe summertime really IS the slow season for game sales.

WiiWare -- One new title this week -- Digital Leisure's Overflow, a physics-based puzzle game reminiscent of the old Sierra Incredible Machine and Lucasarts' Pipe Dream games.

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing happening here this week.

DSiWare -- Three new titles up for download.  The excellent Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, previously available on DS card, is now available as a downloadable title.  99 Bullets is a retro-style scrolling space shooter.  3D Twist & Match is a visualization challenge, asking players to rotate a 3-D object to match a presented silhouette; I wonder if this one will also show up on the 3DS, since it sounds like the gameplay might or might not benefit from a little depth perception.

XBox Live Arcade -- One new game, Sega Rally Online Arcade, a semi-new entry in the classic Sega Rally series, with online multiplayer and sharp-looking graphics.

PS3 on PSN -- Another quiet week.  Some titles are still expected this month... hopefully next week!

PSOne Classics -- Dormant again this week; it's been a month since the most recent release in North America.

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