Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spam Begets Spam

Back in November of last year, a spam comment led me to an interesting Flash game developer based in India, and I've written a couple of posts poking fun at the company's sometimes slightly bizarre output.

In just the past few days, this old post has attracted spam comments of its own, attempting to link to a couple of Flash games sites.  I won't include the links here, but the comments are entertaining in their own right:

  • It seems to be very interesting. I am waiting when it would be launched. It would be fun as it provides a lot of new features. [I'll buy an Antecedent for a nickel, Pat.]
  • I really loved to play online games and flash games. [What changed?  Did you get stuck playing one of FlashGamesMart's products?]  These games are really very very amazing to me. [Man, you have GOT to get out more.]  If anybody have online game site list and online games please provide a link to me also.

Thanks, spambots!  Keep 'em coming!

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