Saturday, January 22, 2011

wipEout Will Give You nosEbleeds!

Many gamers will remember wipEout -- Psygnosis' freshman Playstation effort was a fast-paced, visually stylish futuristic hover racer with an awesome techno soundtrack.  Many sequels and remakes have followed in its pioneering footsteps.

Fewer, however, will remember Sony's bizarre ad campaign for the game:

I think it's meant to imply that wipEout conveys such a convincing illusion of speed, it will rupture your nasal membranes.  But the game's impressive visuals are nowhere to be seen, and the racing connection is mentioned only in the fine-print review blurbs.  Instead, the most lasting impression this ad creates is that we've accidentally stumbled upon a ratty old sofa occupied by a couple of hipster meth addicts in random thrift-store t-shirts.

And what are the little icons with dotted lines directed at the female model's thighs supposed to be?  Cooties?


  1. thanks a lot. i've been looking for this ad for 5 years

  2. Its possibly not the ad you remember either. Th original has them looking away from each other with an even more blank look on their face.

  3. I never knew there were multiple versions of this ad -- I scanned this one out of a magazine. Interesting -- I wonder if they felt one version was "stronger" than the other.