Monday, March 22, 2010

The LoadDown - 03/22/2010 -- Cave Story! Perfect Dark!

Every week, we take a quick look at the latest console games available for download:

WiiWare -- One major title finally arrives this week on WiiWare -- Cave Story, the retro-style RPG/platformer available as freeware on many platforms, getting a bit of a visual upgrade for this commercial Wii release.  It's a solid game, and it's very nice to see creator Pixel potentially earning some revenue for his stellar work.

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing new this week.

DSiWare -- Five new titles debut this week.  Drift Street International is a full-featured 3-D urban racing game which purportedly takes advantage of the DSi's extra horsepower.  Libera Wing is a sci-fi tower defense game.  And there are three Game & Watch remakes celebrating Nintendo's early handheld electronic games -- Mario's Cement Factory, Chef, and Judge; these are simple but polished games, perfect for killing a little time on the go.

XBox Live Arcade -- An update of a classic title arrives -- it's Rare's Perfect Dark, which began life as a Nintendo 64 first-person-shooter.  This release reportedly also includes weapons and a number of maps from Rare's GoldenEye 64 as well, stripped of the James Bond license that's kept the game in legal limbo for far too long.  The textures have been up-rezzed, but the 3-D models are still very boxy -- it gives the game a bit of a strange look.  But it plays well with the 360 controller.

PS3 on PSN -- Nothing new for the PS3 last week, but Telltale Games announced that Sam & Max Season 3 will be debuting on PC and PS3, leaving the 360 and Wii to play catchup this time.

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