Saturday, February 27, 2010

Target: Percocet!

Pity the poor model hired to strike an extended kung-fu pose for Taito's Target: Renegade ad campaign.  He's supposed to look all tough and vengeful-like, but he just looks like he's in pain:

I can't quite figure out the source of his visible discomfort.  One possibility is that in the original photo, he's sitting on a flat surface with his left leg resting on the floor. That would mean that his right leg is extended into the air, AND his head is tilted to his right at a pretty extreme angle.  Or perhaps he's got both legs on the floor, with his back and head crammed up against some kind of support.  It's remotely plausible that he actually struck this pose in midair, with a very fast camera shutter speed, but the pose is not so much dynamic as anatomically awkward -- human bodies aren't quite supposed to fit together this way.

And I'm sure the "KA-POW!  OOMFPH!  ARRGH!" sound effects are meant to represent his unseen criminal foes falling away beneath the force of his mighty punch-kickiness.  But it could also represent the sound of his vertebrae exploding and his subsequent cries of pain and shock.  

I don't know who this guy was or where he is now, but I'd be willing to bet he curses Taito's art director every time he visits the chiropractor.

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