Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can You Handle the Reality of Your Life?

Once upon a time, computer software publisher Datasoft produced a hands-free joystick called Le Stick.  It relied on mercury switches, a primitive and dangerous forerunner to the electronic sensors used in the Wii remote.  But it was a novel approach to the standard single-button joystick -- tilt your hand to move, press the top button to fire.

Unfortunately, this ad campaign does little to sell the concept:

This gentleman has clearly rushed home from work to his spotless fake study, whipped off his jacket, dropped his briefcase and picked up a joystick to play Star Raiders, without bothering to take off his tie.

And now he's having hallucinations about a rubbery green alien peeking in his window.

In real life, there's a time to work, and a time to play.  The guy in this ad has no life.  Or no sense of reality.

I'm not sure which one I envy/pity more.

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