Monday, August 31, 2009

The LoadDown - 08/31/2009

Weekly instant gratification roundup... it's a pretty fine week this week!

WiiWare -- Two releases, and a big hooray from yours truly!  Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay is available on the Wii, following the PC release on August 20th by only a couple of weeks.  I prefer to play these kinds of games on the TV -- they just seem more at home there.  Telltale's extension of the classic Lucasarts series continues in fine form by all accounts, and I may have to tear myself away from the Savage Island to spend a little time with Guybrush and friends.  There's also something called 3-2-1, Rattle Battle! -- apparently a collection of waggle-intensive minigames.  I think I can afford to skip that one.

Virtual Console -- The good news continues with the original Phantasy Star, for the Sega Master System. Colorful anime graphics and 3-D dungeon crawling (a feature oddly abandoned in the 16-bit Genesis sequel) make this an old-school RPG classic.

DSiWare -- Puzzle League Express, in downloadable form, sure to appeal to fans of the game.

XBLA -- Last week saw three releases:  Watchmen: The End is Nigh - Part II - more uncharacteristically brawlsome exploitation of Alan Moore's characters.  NBA 2K10 Draft Combine -- fantasy football, methinks.  And Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao, which features old-school kick-'em-up gameplay and is of some historical note as one of the first console games to support those newfangled 3-D televisions.  I'm still holding out for some sort of glasses-free imaging solution -- 3-D has come a long way, but I still don't want to watch EVERYTHING that way.

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