Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ten Finished Nintendo 64 Games -- Make that Seven

The final issue of Ultimate Gamer magazine provided its readers with some last-minute "earth-shattering info" that unfortunately threw journalistic caution to the wind, proving to be wildly speculative and quantifiably (at least 30%) inaccurate:

This was around the time that the console originally known as the Ultra 64 was being rechristened the Nintendo 64, and gamers were anxious to know what the launch library was going to look like.  This article, unfortunately, proves a rather poor guide in retrospect.
Most of the photo coverage on this page is devoted to a Final Fantasy VII tech demo that was produced when Square was exploring the Ultra 64 hardware -- but it was never close to finished, and in fact, as most of you will know, the game ultimately arrived on the Sony Playstation, looking nothing like these early concepts.

Then there's something called Ultra Zelda Legends, purportedly "five times larger than the Super NES game," which might have been a meaningful measure if the game were in 2-D.  Or actually finished.  Or called Ultra Zelda Legends, which sounds like a title straight from the elementary school playground rumor mill.

At least this one probably wasn't horribly disappointing to anyone -- a Nintendo 64 version of Top Gun, which, according to Wikipedia, was a cancelled edition of a Spectrum Holobyte game released for the IBM PC and Playstation.

The other seven games on the list of 10 arrived in one form or another, so I guess the list isn't all that bad.

Although I also note here that Mario 64 apparently didn't make the list of the ten "finished or nearly finished" games.

Dang, I was looking forward to that one.

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