Monday, April 5, 2010

The LoadDown - 04/05/2010

Another week of downloadable news...

WiiWare -- 2 games this week, neither of which is likely to excite hardcore gamers.  Fishie Fishie is a casual one-button game similar in concept to Feeding Frenzy, with local multiplayer support.  Learning with the Poo-Yoos: Episode 2 continues the educational series for 3-6 year olds, focusing on basic skills like numbers, letters and colors.

Wii Virtual Console --  An interesting and unusual release this week, Saurus' relatively obscure and reportedly impressive 2-D shooter IRONCLAD, for the Neo-Geo.

DSiWare -- 4 titles this week, which also marks the first anniversary of the DSiWare service.  Three are classic Nintendo handhelds recreated for the DSi - Game & Watch: Manhole, Game & Watch: Helmet and Game & Watch: Vermin.  Namco's Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop brings the Dig Dug-inspired puzzle/action series to the DSi.

XBox Live Arcade -- Capcom's Mega Man 10 arrived on the XBox 360 last week, so this 8-bit-style sequel is now available on all three current-gen consoles.  With achievements in this case, of course.

Game Room -- After a strong lineup out of the gate, it appears no new content will be available on Microsoft's retro gaming service until late April.  Hopefully this isn't a sign of sporadic releases to come.

PS3 on PSN -- Last week saw Tecmo's NBA Unrivaled hit the PS3 -- it's a retro-styled over-the-top 2D basketball game that owes more than a small debt to Midway's 1990's coin-op hit NBA Jam.

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