Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Power Lords Will Probe (2000) You!

Toward the end of the first wave of home videogame technology, the folks at North American Philips could see that their venerable Magnavox Odyssey^2 console was not long for this world.  And so they launched a new label called Probe 2000, to produce software for the aging Odyssey^2 and the newly successful Colecovision.  And they saw that it was good.

And then they signed a deal with Strongin-Mayem International to produce a game based on the Power Lords, a new action figure/comic book/video game property that could potentially have become a merchandising bonanza with a TV show and everything, but didn't.

And as it turned out, the industry was on the verge of its big crash when the ad below was run.  Only the Odyssey^2 version saw release, looking nothing very much like the screenshot shown, and the Colecovision prototype that surfaced years later looks quite a bit different as well.

At least the Power Lords appear to have been a suitable property for a brand called "Probe 2000," given the character designs featured here, and their evident focus on the heroes' genitalia:

Hero Adam Power, the guy in the orange jumpsuit, appears to be thrusting his pelvis forward while throwing his arms wide, as if to say, "Get a load of THIS, pretty ladies!"  And the orange Ferengi pig-headed fellow on the left is sporting a massive, chrome armor-plated jockstrap, which must apparently be hung from the shoulders to provide the necessary structural support for his massive, super-dense alien manhood.

Even the female hero with the flowing purple cape is suspect, adopting an odd bent-over posture designed to emphasize her bust and conceal her lack of suitably impressive crotch-mounted equipment, as a laser blast spurts forth from a winged dragon and lands harmlessly between her silken thighs.

And I'm not even going to go into detail concerning the massive Space Serpent snaking out of (or into?) the lava-oozing Volcan Rock.

Probe 2000.  Indeed.

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