Saturday, April 2, 2011

FREE Back to the Future - Episode 1 from Telltale Games

I've mentioned Telltale Games' new Back to the Future: The Game before -- it's an episodic animated adventure game, currently three episodes in out of a five-episode season.  Christopher Lloyd reprises his indelible performance as Doc Brown, and co-creator Bob Gale consulted on the storyline; it feels very much like a Back to the Future IV, with lots of humor and time-traveling plot twists.

And while it might have looked like an April Fools' joke when it was announced yesterday, Telltale is currently offering the first episode absolutely free.  If you don't currently own the season, and haven't already downloaded this free episode, you should be able to see this great deal at Telltale's website.  There are no strings attached as far as I know -- obviously, this freebie is being offered in the hopes of hooking you into the full $24.99 season.  Check it out -- I'm playing it and thoroughly enjoying it, currently looking forward to Episode 4 sometime in April.  But I won't be writing about it in any detail for some time to come.  Some things should be experienced firsthand.

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