Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Most Incredibly Exciting Game Ever Developed!

Videogame advertising is prone to hyperbole.  But this magazine ad for Natsume Championship Wrestling goes a little overboard about halfway down the page:

I like that the central message doesn't end with an exclamation point -- it simply states that the game is definitely the most incredibly exciting videogame ever developed, as though we will take the unsupported claim at face value.  Gosh, who wouldn't want to buy that?  And the statements that follow seem factual enough -- 12 wrestlers; 5 play selections; it's hard to argue with any of the data.  Which makes the baldfaced hyperbole all the more deceptive.

Fortunately, thanks to the modern magic of Photoshop, we can right this historical wrong easily enough; perhaps we can even reverse its direction and restore truth and equilibrium to the gaming universe.  As in:

There.  I fixed it.

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  1. It is a pretty good work rectifying the mistake. The false verdict of the best game ever is surely blown away. Thanks to photoshop for providing such features. Keep up the good work.