Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Best 3-D Graphics You've Ever Seen (Circa 1989)

Time passes.  Things change.  Standards improve.  And thus this ad has become hopelessly dated:

Still, the graphics were pretty impressive at the time.  Full-screen, polygonal 3-D was a major step toward the standard we enjoy today -- the projection of 3-D depth onto a 2-D display was successful, despite some incomplete hidden-surface removal (see the black rooftops in the lower right-hand corner.)

And this was all done with the computer's CPU alone.  There were no graphics accelerator cards or fancy disguised-polygon texture-mapping perspective-correcting MIP-interpolating gewgaws and whatchamajiggers.  Why, when I was a boy, game designers could choose any two colors they wanted to work with -- as long as they were black and white -- and hardwire in a simple sine-wave tone generator if there was a need for any sound.  And we thought that was the bee's knees!  You young whippersnappers with your surround sound and HDMI interfaces...

[Ed. -- Sorry, this post was clearly meant for the Gaming After 70 blog.]

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