Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cover to Cover: Jaguar EGM Promo (pp. 6-7)

Our pagethrough of the 1994 Atari Jaguar ad insert in Electronic Gaming Monthly continues, with pages 6 and 7.

Page 6 features one of the most innovative and technically impressive games to grace the Jaguar's lineup -- Iron Soldier, casting the player as the pilot of a giant robot.  The missions were varied and challenging, from seek-and-destroy to escort duty, and there were upgrades along the way to keep the basic mechanics interesting.  The largely-untextured polygon graphics look dated now, but seeing buildings disintegrate into what seemed like an impossible number of tiny cubes still looks pretty unique and cool.  The game saw a CD sequel on the Jaguar, and another sequel on the Playstation, titled Iron Soldier 3 though it seems more like a graphically updated version of this original game.  And, to the game's credit, the ad doesn't have to exaggerate the game's features:

Page 7 features one of Atari's ill-fated attempts to get in on the one-on-one fighting craze, with a shameless ripoff of Midway's Mortal Kombat franchise.  The digitized graphics and backgrounds were somewhat impressive at the time -- the Jaguar's color depth outdid the SNES and Genesis -- but the action was uninspired and poorly balanced.  The ad does its best to drum up some excitement, but even in 1994, "Use a fatality move to finish him!" sounded almost as lame as the preceding "Ooo, that's gotta hurt!":

More to come -- there are 16 pages of Atari promotion in this brochure.

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