Thursday, August 18, 2011

The LoadDown - 08/18/2011

Light downloadable activity this week, and all seems quiet on the Sony front...

WiiWare -- One new title, Flight Control, an air traffic control simulation that owes a bit to old home computer games of this sort and a lot to modern time management casual games.

Wii Virtual Console -- Nothing new here this week.

DSiWare -- Three new titles release this week.  Zoonies - Escape from Makatu is a cartoonish platform/puzzle game starring Leo the (tiny) Lion.  Build-a-lot is a rather mercenary construction and real estate simulation.  Blockado - Puzzle Island is a relative of the old Sokoban box-moving genre with a treasure-hunting theme.

Nintendo 3DS eShop -- All of the DSiWare games above are also available on the 3DS, and we get another 3D Classics update from Nintendo, this time of the vintage (but not exactly legendary) NES game Urban Champion.  This early, primitive fighting contest is dressed up for the 3DS with some nice 3-D pixel art, but it's still Urban Champion and the gameplay is as flat as ever.

XBox Live Arcade -- One new game this week, sequel Toy Soldiers: Cold War, followup to the popular toy-styled military game from 2010 with a more modern toy look (think 1980's Hasbro/Mattel) this time around.

PS3 on PSN -- Nothing new here this week, which is unusual.

PSOne Classics -- Nothing new here either, which is not.

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