Thursday, August 11, 2011

The LoadDown - 08/11/2011

More downloadable fun arrives this week...

WiiWare -- One new game, Kyotokei, a sharp-looking 2-D shoot-'em-up with lots of parallax scrolling and cute anime-style graphics.

Wii Virtual Console -- After a brief dead spell, we get Hudson Soft's Adventure Island II, the further side-scrolling adventures of Master Higgins on the 8-bit NES.  Hudson Soft remains the Virtual Console's most dedicated supporter.  (Oddly, some of Nintendo's publicity lists this as Super Adventure Island II, but that was an SNES title and all of the screen shots are clearly from the 8-bit series.)

DSiWare --  There's never any shortage of new DSi/3DS titles, it seems.  This week brings Go! Go! Kokopolo, a maze/platformer chase game which sends the wildcat Kokopolo out to irritate innocent bystanders, luring them into range of the carnivorous Snap-Snap plant.  My Asian Farm is another farming/breeding sim, and Crazy Hamster is a side-scrolling game in which the player's stylus must protect an ever-running cartoon hamster from a variety of hazards.

Nintendo eShop -- The DSi titles above are also available on the 3DS, along with the Game Boy title, Avenging Spirit, a classic 8-bit black-and-white 2-D title from 1991, featuring a cute ghost who can possess other characters to make progress in his adventure.

XBox Live Arcade -- Something new here -- Fruit Ninja Kinect, a fast-paced casual game adapted for Microsoft's motion/depth camera.

PS3 on PSN -- Nothing here?  Unusual.  But there's a bunch of stuff expected in late August.

PSOne Classics --  All's quiet yet again.

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