Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LoadDown moving to Wednesdays...

UPDATE:  Thursdays, as Nintendo announced a little while after I wrote this that their new store update day would be Thursday.  That works for me, as Microsoft and Sony update on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I've been meaning to relocate the weekly LoadDown roundup of downloadable games to mid-week, and this seems like a very good week to do that.  Nintendo hasn't posted its normal Nintendo Download weekly press release today, at least not at this writing, and, in a rare dead period, neither the PS3 nor XBLA platforms had anything new turn up online last week.  I suspect Nintendo is moving its official release day to Tuesday, given the timing of some of the 3DS eStore releases last week, and I've always been late with the Sony and XBLA news, as their online stores update midweek but I haven't been posting anything until Monday.

So this timing change should serve users of all three platforms with more timely updates... this feature will now appear on Wednesdays Thursdays, and I'll have to find something else to talk about on Mondays.

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