Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cover to Cover: Intellivision Spring 1986 Catalog (pp. 8-9)

More from Triton Products' Spring 1986 (!) Intellivision catalog, featuring post-crash products for the diehard Intellivision fans still using their consoles, as we examine pages 8, 9, and the order form bound into the center of the catalog.

Page 8 continues clearing out some old Mattel-produced warehouse stock, and lies adjacent to the postage-paid order mailing envelope:

Chess is one of the rarer Mattel-published titles, and was already fetching a slightly premium $13.95 price for new copies.  Football, Basketball and Soccer have been stripped of their original NFL, NBA and NASL (North American Soccer League) affiliations, likely because the related licenses had lapsed since these titles were originally manufactured by Mattel.  Again, I must correct my earlier statements concerning page 3 of this catalog -- I assumed that World Cup Soccer was just a two-player update of Mattel's old Soccer game, but like Tennis and Championship Tennis, this appears to be a completely separate product.

The order form is pretty standard stuff for the pre-Internet era -- order by mail or phone with a credit card, shipping only within the 48 continental United States, Customer Satisfaction Guarantee (which doesn't necessarily achieve said satisfaction) and so forth.

The main order form page has a few interesting marketing elements -- customers are encouraged to add friends with Intellivision systems to Triton's mailing list, and if you spend $30, $75 or $100, you can get one, two or three of what I assume were the oldest, most overstocked Intellivision titles in Triton's inventory -- for FREE!

Beyond the order form, page 9 features yet more Intellivision sports games, all at Triton's minimum clearance price of $9.95:

Boxing and Bowling featured memorably large sprites, Alpine Skiing was a fairly challenging slalom game due to the realistically sluggish "steering," and Hockey did a pretty good job of handling four-on-four team play (one player per team.)  Again, the original Mattel NHL hockey and PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) licenses are no longer mentioned in this 1986 catalog.

Still more to come!

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