Monday, August 9, 2010

The LoadDown - 08/09/2010

The downloadable games just keep coming...

WiiWare -- Two titles this week.  My Aquarium 2 is a sequel to Hudson's surprise WiiWare hit, providing more semi-interactive aquarium fun.  Enjoy your massage! is not, as one might expect, a massage driver for the vibrating Wii remote, but a game challenging the player to properly massage six increasingly demanding clients.  Rated E10+ for Mild Suggestive Themes, to absolutely no one's surprise.

Wii Virtual Console -- The silence continues on the Virtual Console these past few weeks.

DSiWare -- Only four titles this week, down from the usual five, and only two are out-and-out games.  Rhythm Core Alpha is a music creation tool designed for use during live performance.  Absolute Chess is chess, absolutely, with AI opponents and online human-to-human play.  Did It Myself ABC123 is a set of brain games for the toddler set.  And TURN: The Lost Artifact is a room-rotating puzzle game with a fantasy archaeology theme.

XBox Live Arcade -- Konami's Castlevania: Harmony of Despair ("HD," see?) arrives, and while it looks and feels like classic Castlevania, a series I've always loved, I've had a hard time getting into it.  The zoomed-out perspective makes the characters too tiny to see from a distance, and the zoomed-in view reveals their pixelly edges but still doesn't make them large enough to resemble their chunky console predecessors.  The game's apparently intended to be at its best in a multiplayer scenario, with several characters ganging up on the boss creature in each level, but it hasn't grabbed me yet.

Game Room -- Another batch of new titles as Game Pack 008 makes its debut.  No arcade games this week, but we get some rare console titles that make the Game Room pricing a good deal compared to the genuine article.  Atari's 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe and Centipede for the 2600 are fairly common, but the 1986 Intellivision release Thin Ice isn't, nor are Activision's late 2600 titles Beamrider and Cosmic Commuter.

PS3 on PSN -- Earthworm Jim HD arrives on the Sony platform, a hi-res remake of the classic Shiny platformer.

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