Monday, August 9, 2010

Adventure Gamers -- Visit the CASA!

Many times when I've been fighting my way through an old-school text adventure and gotten hopelessly stuck or frustrated as my weekly deadline looms, I've turned to an archive of text file solutions created by the mysterious jgunness.  I acquired these somewhere in the dusty past -- Compuserve, very possibly -- and have been lugging these walkthroughs around from PC to PC for quite some while. 

I have silently thanked their author on many, many occasions, and I am finally taking an opportunity to do so out loud.  I received an email from Mr. Gunness earlier today, on a subject near and dear to both our hearts, and am happy to report that he is alive and well and living in Denmark.

Even more exciting, for a long time (at least a decade) he has been assembling and maintaining a comprehensive website and adventure game database, known as CASA for short, The Classic Adventures Solution Archive for long, and available at:

If I needed any assurance that my Adventure of the Week series can continue for a long, long time to come, the CASA listings provide ample confirmation.  I hope to contribute a few solutions myself for a few of the obscure titles I've covered here, as some small repayment for all the help Mr. Gunness' dedicated efforts have given me over the years.

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