Monday, August 3, 2009

The LoadDown - 08/03/2009

Round 'em up, bring 'em in...

WiiWare -- Two new titles this week: Overturn, a cartoony robot-vs.-robot fighting game, which has a single-player tournament mode AND an actual online multiplayer mode, for a very pleasant change from the WiiWare norm. And... jahiggamawhatzis? It's Sexy Poker -- toned down from the cellphone original, without any actual nudity, but still, a strip poker game with swimsuits and lingerie, proudly sporting an M rating, is a bit of a first for Nintendo, especially on WiiWare. Probably not a great game, but I applaud Gameloft and Nintendo's risk-taking here.

Virtual Console -- Finally back in action after a two-week drought, updated with Tecmo Bowl in its original 1987 arcade incarnation. The coin-op used two monitors side-by-side for a widescreen presentation, so I'm curious to see if the emulated version takes advantage of modern widescreen TVs.

DSiWare -- One this week -- Art Style: Precipice, continuing the popular series of puzzle games. This one sounds sort of like the "Help the guy climb out" Tetris variation with more options for "the guy" to push blocks around, and it's in 3-D. Sounds like a control challenge for any platform BUT the DS, where the stylus ought to work pretty well.

XBLA -- The "Summer of Arcade" (I hate that name) continues. Last week brought us an XBox Live port of the arcade/Dreamcast fighting fan service classic, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I've played the first game in the series a bit, and it was a quality 2-D fighter with some very nice artwork and animation; the sequel is a good choice, as it did improve on the original in several areas. If I were better at it, I'd be interested in playing it online, but fighting games are not my strength. But I do appreciate the mix of popular and cult-favorite characters featured on both sides.

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