Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beyond the Blogosphere

The Gaming After 40 blog has been running for several months now, with semi-regular updates, and it occurs to me that I may have frequent readers out there who have a Wii or an XBox 360 and might want to join me in an online game on occasion. So here's the secret decoder ring info for finding me, should you care to do so. I'll put this material in my profile as well for future reference.

My Wii Friend Code is: 7484 8407 2823 7140

(I'll be happy to share game-specific codes if anyone contacts me. Nintendo has a pretty archaic system, but it can be made to work.)

My XBLA handle is: KurtWeill

(This is also my EA Online/EA Nation handle. Kurt Weill was an avant-garde composer who did a lot of great work with Bertolt Brecht for musical theatre in Weimar Germany, pre-WW II. Much to my surprise, my first choice, "Al Frankenstein," was already taken when I was signing up in late 2007.)

Feel free to get in touch on either platform; I'm interested in knowing who's reading and what you'd like me to cover here. If you're an aging gamer like me, we might have fun matching our deteriorating skills and wits online. If you're a young whippersnapper, you'll probably be able to kick my butt pretty easily. It should be entertaining either way.

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