Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lowering the Bar(cadia)

I've been away for some vacation time, so there will be a brief delay while I catch up with life before I resume my usual adventure gaming shenanigans. 

But I visited my brother and his wife in Fort Worth, Texas, and on my last night in town they took me to the unique Barcadia, a more-or-less normal Fort Worth bar with bar food, drink, and pool tables.  The place also sports a giant Connect Four-style game on the patio, and an oversized communal Jenga stack.  There are also several Skee-Ball lanes, and most relevant to this post, a small but working and well-maintained collection of classic early-1980s arcade games!

You can just about make out Q*Bert and Frogger plying their trade in the background of this blurry cell phone photo:

And here are Street Fighter II Turbo, Asteroids, Spy Hunter, Burgertime, Paperboy, Tempest, TRON and Track & Field -- my photo of Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Ultimate Mortal Kombat and Star Wars didn't turn out well:

Best of all, every Tuesday night everything is set to free-to-play, requiring a restart and a wipe of the high score tables.  And even then, all the locals have apparently tired of playing these machines, so it wasn't too hard for me to post embarrassingly low top scores on several classic machines!

Thanks, Barcadia!


  1. Did the bar also have _Moon Cresta_?

    I would totally have played _Moon Cresta_.

  2. Nice! There is a similar bar named Barcade in Philadelphia. No Skee-Ball or Connect 4; just purely classic arcade games and great beer. Our friends took my wife and I there on our bachelor/bachelorette party. Highly recommended!