Thursday, June 14, 2012

The LoadDown -- 06/14/2012

Here's what's new on the wire this week...

WiiWare -- I think I'm going to drop this heading after this week.  There may be occasional activity, but I get the impression Nintendo and publishers are turning their attention to the Wii U.

Wii Virtual Console -- However, there's some worthwhile action here, with Capcom's SNES Mega Man X2 hitting the system -- yet another 16-bit game with fantastic pixel art and action.

DSiWare -- Two new titles here, showing that the DSi isn't quite dead yet.  Devil Band - Rock the Underworld is an odd RPG/rhythm game hybrid, with a bit of tower defense thrown in for good measure.  7 Wonders II is a sequel to 7 Wonders of the Ancient World; it's another match-three puzzle game, that was formerly distributed as a DS retail title.

3DS eShop -- Two unexpected retro titles arrive this week.  The NES version of Donkey Kong Jr. arrives on the 3DS Virtual Console, and Digital Leisure brings the old American Laser Games full-motion-video shooter Mad Dog McCree to the 3DS.  There's also a downloadable demo of retail game The Amazing Spider-Man

XBox Live Arcade -- One new title, Babel Rising, brings the successful 2009 iPhone App to XBLA and a number of other platforms; see details below.

PS3 on PSN -- Babel Rising shows up here, too.  It's a "god game" with strategy overtones, as the player tries to keep the puny humans from building a tower to the heavens.  I'm not sure how well the original's gesture-based "acts of god" will translate to traditional controllers, but the design is thoroughly road-tested.

PSOne Classics -- Nothing new this week, as the Wii VC and the PS3 continue to fight it out for supremacy activity.

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