Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cover to Cover: Adventure International Spring 1981 Catalog (pp. 7-8)

Our pagethrough of the Spring 1981 Adventure International catalog continues...

Page 7 continues the then-new Other Ventures series, with the first two interactive fiction releases by Jyym Pearson, whose more story-driven style would come to define this "official" alternative to the classic Scott Adams Adventure series:

I have only briefly sampled The Curse of Crowley Manor and haven't tried Escape From Tramm at all, so I will have to remedy that.  I have played and enjoyed Pearson's later Med Systems release, The Farvar Legacy -- my impression of his style is that it is more "directed," sacrificing a degree of player freedom for the sake of more dramatic storytelling.  I think Scott Adams made a good business decision here, offering adventures in a different style from his own before somebody else did.

Page 8 presents another early attempt to bring TSR's Dungeons & Dragons pencil-and-paper role-playing game system to home computers, with Adventure International's entry in the race that Richard Garriott's Ultima would arguably win:

I never played any of these games, the 2-drive disk system requirement of the original Balrog Sampler being well beyond my paper-route income at the time.  On the next page (next week) we'll read some more details about the Maces & Magic game system, which clearly borrows more than its alliterative naming from classic D&D.  (M&M doesn't quite have the same ring -- or perhaps it does, but that one's already taken.  Twice, actually, with more recent history in mind.)

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