Monday, March 1, 2010

The LoadDown - 03/01/2010 - Mega Man 10!

Once again, we sum up recent arrivals on the console downloadable scene...

WiiWare -- Three titles this week.  Capcom's Mega Man 10 will be hitting all three contemporary consoles this month, but it arrives first on the WiiWare service today, continuing the NES-era series in classically challenging 8-bit style.  Dart Rage is a motion-control dartboard simulator.  Happy Hammerin' is a multiplayer whack-a-mole party game.

Wii Virtual Console -- One game this week -- Fatal Fury Special, another high-quality Neo-Geo fighter from the venerable SNK series.

DSiWare -- Four titles arrive for Nintendo's portable.  Let's Golf is easy to guess.  Globulos Party is a compilation of 20 minigames reminiscent of early handheld electronic games.  VT Tennis uses stylus swipes to play tennis with plenty of options.  Flips: Terror in Cubicle Four is not a game, but a digital book from EA, adapted from the UK Too Ghoul for School series; this story pits students against an evil loo (which sounds so much more pleasant than 'toilet.')

XBox Live Arcade -- Three games released last week.  Fret Nice is a guitar-controller-based platformer with an interesting cutout art style, coming to the XBox 360 after debuting early last month on PSN for the PS3.  Greed Corp. is a hex-based multiplayer strategy/resource management game, sort of a cross between Catan and Panzer GeneralLazy Raiders is a roll-the-rotund-explorer-through-the-maze game, patterned after labyrinth wooden-maze-and-ball games with a comical archaeology theme.

PS3 on PSN -- Greed Corp. also arrived on the PS3 last week.

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